The Red Room

1003 Cedar St (Locust St)
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 426-2994
3:00pm - 1:30am
3:00pm - 1:30am
3:00pm - 1:30am
3:00pm - 1:30am
3:00pm - 1:30am
3:00pm - 1:30am
3:00pm - 1:30am



  • This place is full of ghosts.
  • Grab a drink, chill out, and listen to some music in the ambient red glow
  • hard drinks
  • Try the Rosemary Garlic Steak Skewers
  • Must try the's amazing! yum!
  • Try the Jean Grey I don't even like Gin and this drink blew my friggin' mind. Also try "The Raven", perfectly cooked cheeseburger + brie cheese +caramelized onions = yes please thank you.
  • This is downstairs... Keep your drunk check ins in, well, check.
  • One of the best bloody Marys ever!! The vodka is superb!
  • Skip the wait at the bar- go to the mini bar by the back stairs for a quicker drink.
  • Cocktails were fantastic
  • Super dope place! Small in size, but has a cozy local vibe to it
  • This establishment kicked me out for using the mens bathroom, let me use the bathroom after another guy said vouched for me (random bystander), then kicked us both out saying other women would do it.
  • Overpriced drinks for the amount of sexist undertones. Not an LGBTQ friendly environment.......
  • Overpriced drinks for the amount of sexist undertones. Not an LGBTQ friendly environment
  • Sexist establishment
  • This place is sexist. They kicked me out because I used the mens bathroom. NOT AN LGBTQ FRIENDLY PLACE!
  • I went here with a group of friends for a fun night out after a hard round of midterms.
  • They kicked me and a guy out because I (a women) used the men's bathroom. There was a line in the womens bathrooms so I decided to use the men's bathroom.
  • Afterwards they kicks us both out claiming that "they would all want to use the bathroom" after I used it. This establishment is very sexist.
  • Spacey and cool

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