Red River Theatres

Indie Movies
11 S Main St
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 224-4600


  • Great theater. Nice to see artsy development in Concord besides the Capitol Theater!
  • Great seating and a good selection of bottled beer!
  • Not a bad seat in the 2 banked seating halls, and the intimate screening room is the best, though call for tickets to be sure theres a seat!
  • Dynamite independent theater. They serve beer, the seats aren't bad, and the theater has a steep slope for good views.
  • Saw my fellow Americans here in 1996. Staff was very friendly and awesome
  • The best independent theater in New Hampshire!
  • Small theater but they play great films that you usually have a tough time finding at the larger cinemas.
  • Really great local theater that features indie films - definitely worth multiple trips to see films here! Comfortable chairs and really friendly staff!
  • The Ginger Beer truly is amazing!!
  • Great indie movies, comfy seating the the larger rooms and amaaaazing popcorn. They also sell beer and wine!
  • Great place! We are lucky to have it downtown.
  • You can order beer!!
  • If you're looking for a place to find some great "under the radar" Indie movies, this is the place to go! 20 Feet From Stardom was eye opening and well directed. Tough following the 3 singers.
  • one of the few theaters in NH where you can catch Indy films - cheap, clean, great service, and they even have ginger beer!
  • Seriously love this place! Great movies, atmosphere, and popcorn!
  • Awesome place, most comfortable seating and best movies around.