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Little Drummer Boy Punch Recipe


Little Drummer Boy Christmas Punch

Just in time for the holidays, a crowd-pleasing 12 Days of Christmas-inspired spiced punch.


1 750-mililiter bottle of Bluecoat American Gin

8 ounces Vieux Carré Absinthe

8 ounces fresh lemon juice

1/4 pound powdered 10X sugar

16 ounce fresh juiced cranberries

32 ounces fresh apple cider

6 cardamom pods, toasted

2 star anise, toasted

10 dashes Fee Brothers cranberry bitters

10 dashes Angostura bitters

32 ounces sparkling water

Mint sprigs, for garnish


In a large bowl, whisk together gin, absinthe, sugar, and lemon juice until the sugar has dissolved.

Add cranberry juice, apple cider, cardamom, star anise, cranberry, and bitters, and stir together.

Just before serving, add the sparkling water and mint sprigs.