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Leek and Mushroom Macaroni


Once in a while restaurants will tout a menu as the “grown-up” version of something, usually a classic dish like pizza. You know, pizza with sriracha sauce or something that now has pickled stuff and eggs on top. I will now do my best impression of this (though hopefully even more tasty) and offer a delicious mac and cheese (though there really is very little cheese) version that grown-ups, and maybe some adventurous kids, will enjoy.

I often buy vegetables this time of year without a plan. This happened with a bunch of leeks. I love leeks and always find something to do with them, whether it is just sauteing them and eating with eggs or making a soup. This time, I wanted to use them up for a nice lunch. The Vegetarian said why not pasta. This got me thinking of using macaroni, making a quick bechamel sauce, throwing in some shiitake mushrooms and some fresh herbs. The result was absolute deliciousness. Here’s what you do…