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Dahlia Arrangement

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The Flower Recipe Book/Paige Green

Dahlias come in an endless array of sizes, shapes, and astonishingly vivid colors. Vary the dinner-plate-sized blooms with small button, single-petaled, or spiky cactus ones. In the hot months, they blend well with bright wildflowers and summer classics, while in autumn, berry clusters and fall-colored leaves make great pairings. Dahlia stems are especially susceptible to clogging in dirty water, so change the water and give them a fresh cut every day.

Deliver Ingredients


  • 10 dahlias, various colors and sizes
  • 6 assorted vintage bottles


1. Determine which stem to place in each bottle depending on height, size of bloom, and quantity.

2. Trim and place the three tallest dahlias in the largest bottle.

3. Trim and place the three smallest dahlias in the bottle with the second largest opening.

4. Place one stem in each of the remaining bottles at varied heights.


Dahl Shopping Tip

Indian food is loaded with many herbs and spices. Make sure you have a stocked spice cabinet and a big appetite.

Dahl Cooking Tip

As delicious as Indian food is, the smells are strong and they linger. Make sure to have your stove vents running and a window open if you don't want your furniture to smell like spices for a week.