Recipe: Upside Down Cranberry-Pistachio Muffins

Recipe: Upside Down Cranberry-Pistachio Muffins


By Chefs Andrea Tutunjian and Cara Tannenbaum


The silky green color of these non-traditional muffins is slightly obscured by the bright garnet cranberries, but take one bite and you’ll know the pistachios are there. To ensure that the miniature crowns of nuts and berries atop them stay in place when you flip them over, use paper liners in your muffin tins and coat the papers lightly with nonstick spray before adding the nuts and compote. The compote is also spectacular by itself; we even serve it with pancakes or waffles instead of syrup! Or, for a really indulgent treat, eat it with a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

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Read on for Chefs Andrea and Cara's unique spin on holiday muffins from their recent cookbook, In a Nutshell: Cooking and Baking with Nuts and Seeds.

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