Recipe SWAT Team: 15-Minute Meals

The Daily Meal edit team is on a mission: conquering a new ingredient each week.
Easy Pasta
Yasmin Fahr

Easy Pasta

Each week our editorial team tackles a new ingredient or theme with one goal in mind: creating easy and delicious dishes. Check here on Monday for the weekly ingredient and look for our recipes on Thursday. Feel free to join us in our endeavor; we look forward to seeing what fantastic meals you come up with. Ours are below:

This Week: 15-Minute Meals

We all love to cook here at The Daily Meal and appreciate good-quality food. But when we're busy, we still want to get that same taste and quality — just quickly. So we've compiled our favorite quick-and-easy go-to meals for when we're short on time.

You'll notice that many of the recipes include ingredients that can be stored in your pantry, like canned beans, tomatoes, pasta, quinoa, chicken or vegetable broth. These are great staples to have on hand so that you'll be able to create a delicious meal in less time than it takes for delivery.

Please share your go-to meals with as we are always looking for more!



Geri Salmon: 15-Minute Top-Shelf Ramen



Valaer Murray: 15-Minute White Bean Soup with a Soft-Boiled Egg


Yasmin Fahr: 15-Minute Vermicelli with Tomatoes and Feta


Maryse Chevriere: 15-Minute Beef Chili


Arthur Bovino: 15-Minute Quesadilla with Homemade Simple Salsa


Molly Aronica: 15-Minute Pasta with Chickpeas