Real Food Media Releases 12 Stunning, New Short Films

Real Food Media Releases 12 Stunning, New Short Films
From, by Juliette Crellin

Real Food Media Project, a program directed by Anna Lappé of Small Planet Institute, has just released 12 new short films as part of its annual film contest. These new shorts also offer 12 new reasons to take a five-minute break. Lappé herself described her reaction to the films as, “I laughed, I cried, I wanted to make pie.”

The films range from a gritty spoken-word critique of the sugar industry (The Dealer) to a playful community that’s formed around harvesting an apple orchard (Operation Apple) Audiences can be soothed by the beautiful simplicity of baking a blueberry pie from scratch in Norebo, Finland, or moved by the way Green Bridge Growers use aquaponics to provide sustainable jobs and food. Not only are many of the films stunning to watch, but they also offer intimate views into the lives of people participating in the sustainable food movement.

Once the four minutes are over, the films stay with the viewer. While Together We Grow from Philadelphia might inspire some community gardeners, Dry Land may even lead to a few hacked away sidewalk curbs.

If you’re hungry for more, Real Food Media Project has even more films to offer. With the addition of these 12 new shorts, the site now boasts the world’s largest collection of short films about sustainable movement. Of course, they’re free for the public to enjoy, so anyone can satisfy a voracious appetite for good film and good food.

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