Readers Prefer Roasted Turkey

In a poll, readers chose roasted turkey over deep-fried, grilled, and smoked

Last week we discovered that none of our readers like green bean casserole, and this week our readers voted on their favorite way to prepare turkey.

Most of our readers (63 percent) prefer their turkey roasted; 13 percent of our readers prefer the leftovers in a sandwich.

Deep-fried turkey only received 12 percent of the votes, perhaps because of the potentially dangerous method (as discussed by William Shatner). Smoked turkey got 8 percent of the votes; grilled received 4 percent.

So why roast turkey? Mothers may prefer this method because it is the safest (although it takes the most time). It is also the most traditional preparation method; roast turkey might just signify home for most readers. For first-time Thanksgiving hosts, here's a roast turkey recipe that has never failed. And if you're planning on going the deep-fried method, don't do what Shatner and this guy did.

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