Readers Prefer Brunch With Bloody Marys

Mimosas may be sparkly and pretty, but they still lost to the classic bloody mary

Since the brunch trend is now all over the place, we polled our readers about their favorite morning eye-openers. Turns out, bloody marys were the most popular, earning 39 percent of the votes.

Mimosas were close behind, with 35 percent, while plain ‘ole orange juice received 22 percent of the votes. On the other end of the spectrum, four percent of voters picked straight vodka (really guys?).

Although some people may find it strange to indulge in a touch of vodka in the morning, savory and acidic bloodies may provide just the kick to cut through greasy bacon and eggs — and that hangover fog.

Plus, there are so many variations of the bloody mary. There are currently ten versions on Prune's menu in New York, while Santa Monica's Fig has eight bloody marys, including one with foie gras and another with bacon. Foie gras mimosas are probably not delicious at all, so the bloodies win round one.

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