Rawls Hall (RAWL)

Academic Building, Scenic Lookout, Classroom
403 W State St (btwn N. Grant St. & W. State St.)
West Lafayette, IN 47907


  • Outlets on desks in classrooms, phone charger baby!
  • There's one entrance door that's never locked for when you forget your I. D. Let me know when you find it.
  • This is your home for 2 years!
  • Bistro located on 2nd floor is open until 3PM.
  • Designers of the desks put a bracket at your knees so you can't push backwards and slouch in chairs comfortably
  • Classrooms are really great, Bistro on the second floor has a variety of food and snacks and Lounge has huge windows if you need a distraction.
  • Worst elevators on campus
  • Study on the second floor!!!! Better chairs!
  • Up bottom on 1st fl doesn't bring elevator down. Press down to go up
  • Get ready to live here. (if you're here for your masters)
  • Tables on the second and third levels are great places to study.
  • U R going to have a great B skool experience.
  • Take the tunnel to the Union
  • Chill out for a while and unwind
  • Yes... here is the place...

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