Ravenna Park

Park, Trail, Playground
5520 Ravenna Ave. NE (NE 55th)
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 684-4075


  • Whether it's playing ball, having a bbq, hiking through miles of wooden trails, or just taking in the beauty of the ravine from the footbridge, there's much one can do & explore at this massive park.
  • Nice place to go for a walk. Easy shortcut from Cowen Park at end of University Way, over to the U-Village area. Be careful, sometimes I have run into people doing hard drugs under the bridges.
  • Awesome trails through the ravine & forest. :)
  • Great hiking between Ravenna and Cowen park. Much cooler down below in summer if you're looking to cool down and remain active.
  • Watching the water go by.
  • Tall old trees in a valley below street level, this park is a gem of the u district.
  • Wonderful park for people who want to take dog for a walk through nature
  • Absolutely lovely. So very green. Quietly radiating happiness at being alive.
  • Feels like being outside of the city
  • Watching strange men come out of bushes in pairs.
  • Find a nice place to sit next to the stream,and just relax. The sound of the water plus the fresh air,makes this place so stress relieving.
  • Bathroom is closed for the season
  • There are three main trails and little hidden picnic spots. It gets sketchy when it's dark.
  • The bathroom stinks. Poop around it.
  • If you want to meet some folks who are into LARPing, seems like the place to be!

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