Raspberry Shrub

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Raspberry Shrub

This Raspberry Shrub will make one refreshing drink. Boozy or not, it'll be delish.

A Raspberry Shrub is the perfectly refreshing way to use up languishing fruit. Bright and tart, it’s great for adding to cocktails or just club soda for sipping on the porch in a summer breeze.

Emily’s here to share a new recipe with you while I spend some quality time with Eric and Elle in Florida. We’re soaking up rays and drinking in the beautiful ocean breezes – and I’m sharing some epic sunsets on Instagram. Drink up something of your own – this fantastic Raspberry Shrub. I know you’ll love it, and plenty of the other drinks on Emily’s blog, Jelly Toast. Thanks for having my back, Em!

I am the queen of impulse buying fruit. When I’m at the store, I tend to buy a container or bag of whatever type of fruit is currently in season. This means that for about a two-three week period my family is bombarded with berries, peaches, apples, plums – whatever is there.

I tell myself that my family is a fruit eating machine – which isn’t untrue – but I seem to get selective amnesia about the fact that when I throw too much of the same thing at them for a long period of time, they totally rebel.

I blaming my family, but honestly, I’m the worst one of the bunch. One of the most recent victims in our house has been raspberries. Man, when they were on sale I could not buy enough raspberries. They were plump, beautiful, and good on just about anything: pancakes, yogurt, cereal, and salads.

Making Raspberry Shrub couldn't be easier. You'll be mixing it into everything!

Well, at the tail end of our raspberry immersion, I had two clamshells of raspberries chilling in our fridge not being touched. Every time I reached over them to get the milk, I felt them giving me the side eye.

Enough was enough. I had to do something with these berries before they just got chucked in the trash. I do not enjoy wasting food and I knew just the thing to do with these raspberries before the end of their run.

Make a shrub syrup.

Have you ever made a shrub? It’s basically like preserving your fruit with sugar and vinegar and turning it into the most incredibly sweet and tangy drink mixer you’ve ever tasted.


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