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  • Like being flipped upside down? Raptor has the most inversions of any other coaster in the park!
  • Ride it with your shoes off, it feels great! Seriously, this is one of the best rides here.
  • Uhhhhhh b&m
  • No better experience then the front car.
  • Front seat is a totally unique experience. This is more true on Raptor than any other ride.
  • Feel like hanging around? Take a seat on the front row of the Raptor and enjoy the ride!
  • Ride with your shoes off - refreshes your tired feet!
  • To be able to kick the sky while going upside on the loop is so freeing. I love this ride.
  • Probably has the highest g forces of all the coasters in the park. If you get light headed easily, this may not be the ride for you!
  • Although this ride no longer has the in-ride video recording option, this one is a classic, the standard by which all inverted coasters are judged...
  • Still the greatest ride here
  • Still one if the top coasters in the park! Only competitors are Millennium & Maverick
  • Front car is the best
  • The line is long but stick it out because it is worth the wait=))
  • This ride is worth your time, contrary to what others may think.
  • um its hot as fuck.
  • Excellent coaster. It gets right down to business right after the first drop and puts some real G force on you at the end. Nonstop fun till you get back to the station
  • Fast paced inverted coaster without a lot of the back and forth head banging.
  • It's one of the best rides, specially if you go on the front sit. But make sure to keep you mouth shut if you go at night because of the bugs
  • A little rough at the end, but it's a great ride!!

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