Rancho Bravo Tacos

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211 NE 45th St (at Thackeray Pl. NE)
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 830-2657
Food Truck, Burritos, Mexican



It’s nothing fancy — and part of that popularity is due to the fact that its late hours (it’s open until 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday) make it one of the best things people who have been out drinking can find to eat. It’s just good, cheap Mexican food served quickly from a truck parked in the lot of Winchell’s Donuts just down the road from Dick’s Drive-In. Everything save the tortillas and the torta buns is made from scratch, from the hot sauce and aguas de horchata down to the tamales. — Arthur Bovino, 11/13/2012


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Foursquare Tips

  • open till 3am on Fri/Sat
  • Hipsters love it.
  • taco truck rules.
  • Best Mexican in Seattle - WAY too close to home.
  • Order horchata to drink; it's the real deal. The grande is massive enough for two people.
  • The Carnitas rice and beans bowl is really good and reasonably priced
  • The best tacos in Seattle!! The rice and bean bowl is also amazing.
  • Rancho Bravo may be the best Mexican food from here to SoCal, and possibly even to Mexico itself. Get some and put it in your mouth. (I recommend carnitas or chicken mole Bravo burritos.)
  • The pork tongue + Chicken are the best!!!! Also order hardshell if you want some veggie w/your taco
  • As close to the delicious, cheap Mexican food that's plentiful in the southwest as can be found in Seattle. Burritos are huge, delicious, and cheap
  • The rice and bean bowl is both cheap and tasty. M
  • Beef tongue (lengua) is a delicious meat option for the more adventurous eater
  • The Pastor Torta is incredible.
  • They're in the old donut shop. They take cards. The tacos are so good, but so are the burritos. Hard choices but you can't go wrong.
  • Probably best to-go but they do have some outdoor tables.
  • A truck no more! Amazing carnitas tacos and a very affordable price.
  • Pastor! The two burritos are pretty much the same, but one has sour cream
  • Like the Hispanic grandmother I never had!
  • Try the Lengua Taco - Totally loaded and delicious. Steichenize with with a little bit of guac. Totes bra.
  • Sometimes the burritos are perfect but usually they're pretty sloppy. Either way they taste great!