Ramen House Benten

821 W Las Tunas Dr (btwn Bridge St & Mission Dr)
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 910-5075


  • So little noodles, so little soup (think gravy) only filled not even half of the container. The chashu came in big chunks and wasn't soft & chewy. Thought we're eating stew..
  • If order extra noodles, make sure you pour them into your bowl soon or else it'll crumbled up. Maybe if they can improve bigger size of soup bowl, this will be much better. Good soup base!
  • I know the place is small but didn't have to hand me the check as soon as I was done eating. The lemon basil was ok, could have used more lemon
  • I know why they have that sign. It's the egg, be careful of the semi cooked yolk w/ soy sauce squirting out. Noodles are thin straight ones. Chashu are in cubes instead of slices.
  • Love their shoyu ramen. Free teas are also delicious
  • Tsukemen is amazing here
  • The rooibos tea is amazing and refreshing
  • Pretty authentic setup here only 4 noodles but all worth trying
  • Spicy Miso Ramen is good if you like spicy soup. Friendly service. Make sure you check into yelp to get discounts.
  • This is NOT a light meal.
  • The tsukemen is delicious and the iced green tea is on the house.
  • An authentic ramen place that's not salty or oily! They give out free tea you can even try both if you would like to. There's also a vegetarian option that's not on the menu.
  • injected egg
  • Tonkatsu ramen is by far the best thing the serve here. They use thin noodles which is the classic Hakata style.
  • Let's say we hope Jonathan Gold won't review this restaurant so you won't have to wait in BIG line when you come here. ;) Must order: Tonkotsu ramen & Tsukemen!
  • Free tea and the ramen is aite. Good if you don't want to drive down to valley for shinshengumi.
  • They have stamp card program make sure to ask for it same with free rice must ask for it
  • Order extra noodles cuz I'm always still hungry with just a regular
  • Servers here are really nice but they're still trying to get the hang of things. Ramen and tsukemen are soo good! Complimentary tea and soy sauce egg!! Only down side is pork belly, dry and chewy.. :(
  • Tsukemen or dipping ramen is delicious. Get an extra creamy egg. The lines are usually for Golden Deli next door but the food here is just as good. Parking lot can be packed.

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