Ralph's Italian Ices

Ice Cream
501 Port Richmond Ave (at Catherine St)
Staten Island, NY 10302
(718) 967-1212


  • Keep away from the sidewalk so you don't get plowed by the 44 bus
  • Get the cherry ice.
  • Don't forget to eat dinner at Deninos (directly across the street) first.
  • If you are going to Ralph Ices. Skip the regular ice-creams and try any of their ICES. Which is what they are known for and very special. Be prepare for long lines especially during the evenings.
  • If you need a reason to get on the Staten Island Ferry, the creme ice at Ralph's is it.
  • Gotta love the strawberry cheesecake
  • The best Italian ice you will ever have! This is the Original Ralph's, I've been coming here since I was a little girl. Seasonal opening and before it closes, I stock up my freezer until spring!
  • Beware you will be addicted
  • This is the best ice cream and ices you can have in NY!!!
  • Also try not to get hit by the S59 bus
  • Dear diabetics: sugar free ices are awesome, esp all flavas containing chocolate. Just 1 unit of insulin for a small.
  • Vanilla chip is soooooo good! I mix it up every now and then but vanilla chip is the best!
  • Cinnamon Swirl flavor with Vanilla Chip is to die for.
  • Try the Bonsai Banana And Coconut Raspberry Tart....
  • For all of the people who come to Ralph's for a shake, carvel is down the street. This is why the line is always so long.
  • Try the Bonzi Banana Or The Coconut Raspberry Tart... You Can Mix Them Too If You Like.... Heaven
  • Vanilla chip Ice... :)
  • They never have any flavors. Half the stuff they list they don't have, don't expect to get what you want from their "70 flavors".
  • They claim to have 70 flavors, but they seem to be out of most of them!
  • The best ice cream n.n

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