Rag & Bone Spring 2015: Pulling Off Unassuming Minimalism—Without Pants


“Pants? We don’t need no stinking pants.” At least that’s what most of the looks on the Rag & Bone Spring 2015 runway seemed to scream as models walked the runway in butt-skimming jackets, mini dresses and updated leather Daisy Dukes. And they’re not totally unwearable either. Sure, it could just be because Winona Ryder is fronting their campaign this season, but despite our love for the ‘90s icon it seems like a cool-girl, relaxed collection—and really, we’re never more relaxed than when we’re going sans pants.

Colored stayed low key as most Rag & Bone pieces tend to do in muted tones of black, grey, khaki and white, with sprinkles of digital print camo or floral designs to add depth to the collection. White and creams are clearly the favorites of this collection as almost everything incorporated these softer shades for the spring season. Darker looks favored deconstructed suits, while the lighter blends of olive and khaki did well in bringing an almost safari vibe to the runway, highlighted by the edition of tightly hung leather satchels—all that was needed was a pith helmet and pack of rhinos.

Perfect for a spring collection, the silhouettes were loose, flowing and moved beautifully, whipping around the ankles of models as they walked. Draped fabrics in silk and sheer materials made the collection perfect for fashionably combating sweltering spring and summer heat without sacrificing style. While pieces were oversized, accessories were used to cinch waists or tighten loose bust lines to bring feminine form back to the collection. Some belts and ties dragged undone on the floor showing they could be pulled closed, but hey, it looks so much cooler to just leave them dragging—kind of the same way we left our laces in junior high.

The collection overall, wasn’t much of a reach for Rag & Bone, but it was perfect for fans of the collection who have grown used to a certain aesthetic from their favorite brand. The line had an unassuming neutrality to it that could have been seen as a thoroughly boring collection were it not the quality tailoring and the way it hung off the models perfectly. Clearly intended to be the skeletal framework for a more dramatic closet of the top notes of a minimalist wardrobe, this collection will likely be in the closets of every New Yorker when it’s released next year.