Qualcomm Museum

5775 Morehouse Dr
San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 651-4610


  • Check into the Qualcomm Museum - with this many people we should get a Super Swarm!
  • Welcome Samuel & Oscar from Entel!!!
  • Hundreds of models of cell phones snake along the wall. We've found several we've owned, including my 1st Sprint PCS Sony "brick."
  • Augmented reality, mobile television, wireless health care even wireless charging. All this is happening now?! You have to try the demos!
  • Lindo el museo :)
  • Very cool museum on the history of mobile chips in phones :)
  • Must check out new AR game
  • I comen here atleast once a month to see anythings new.
  • What if in the future we can use mobile phone to a super computer today. It can have at least 4K true 100% Adobe RGB projector. Also capable of editing multi multi 4K and playing UHD video :).
  • If you add a tip, it will be shown on a big screen in the museum
  • Mobile phones can do just about anything now. Check out one example in the Qualcomm Museum that can test your blood sugar!
  • Dont forget to create your own work of art at the What if? Social Mosaic Experience before you go, and like Qualcomm Inc. on Facebook to see more Museum art
  • Cool social media section.

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