The Quad

780 University Blvd
Harrisonburg, VA 22807


  • A great place to play frisbee, throw a football, or just enjoy the beautiful weather!
  • James Madison University is #12 on our 2012-2013 Top Universities List, based on your student ratings. See the full list and rate your schools and profs at
  • Before you graduate, take many naps on the quad under the big trees :)
  • Best place on campus
  • Bring something to sit on. The grass is wet sometimes and it leaves stains on your butt :/
  • Beautiful part of campus.
  • A wonderful place for a great education!!!
  • You can never walk past the quad without seeing someone on their phone or computer. Pictures of the Quad and Wilson are popular on different forms of social media including Instagram and Twitter.
  • Group F is the best! #SCOM260HUNT
  • Lay here today!
  • Come see LISA EFFREN!!!
  • The grass is so soft!!! Bedtime!!!!
  • Bring a towel, the grass is itchy!

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