Pedestrian Street/Plaza, Neighborhood
北京市, 北京市


  • Nice shopping experience for tourists. Cultural buildings. Things here are cheaper than in wangfujing. Famous food here, i.e. Quanjude duck & Dou Yi Chu dumpling restaurants.
  • Stop and grab tea!
  • If you can't negotiate, don't go here. You've got to play the game.
  • I'm alone backpacker. There's good and bad things in China.
  • Great pedestrian area for tourists. You can feel the Chinese culture and spirit. Beautiful architecture and delicious food on a stick.
  • Beautiful!
  • Nice place,full of ppl and with free Wifi at Starbucks :-)
  • Don't be afraid to deep into old hutongs nearby. Real chenese life starts there.
  • ..
  • A lively neighborhood. Totally worth the visit. Get lost in its alleys and enjoy people watching.
  • Famous Chinese restaurant Quanjude is in this street. Most delicious Beijing duck. Street looks great in the evening.
  • Famous pedestrian street, it has history of more than 570 years.
  • um lugar legal pra vir passear com tempo.
  • Had a good stroll at shops are built in ancient Chinese architecture, do take a left and enter and , there you will experience the quiet life of a hutong. Really amazing.
  • One of the oldest and famous pedestrian streets of Beijing! so many shops and restaurants around this huge area, all connected by the main central street
  • Good if you want to get that traditional Beijing feel. Avoid eating here though.
  • Too touristy and the only thing I always buy here is the hawthorn skewers and other haw snacks. tea houses in the neighbourhood is not as good either.
  • . , . . . !

Nearby places

Chang'an Ave (btwn Square E Side Rd and W Side Rd)
1-2 Qianmen Ave (Qianmen Pedestrian St)