Pyramid Brewing annnounces new India Pale Lager

Pyramid Brewing annnounces new India Pale Lager

One of the latest style hybrid/trends in beer is the IPL or India Pale Lager, it's no surprise but it seems like every new style is a variation of the ever popular IPA. Pyramid Brewing is the latest to debut an IPL. This new year-round beer combines the citrusy hop flavors of a Northwest IPA with the smooth finish of a lager. With 6% ABV, this beer rates 60 on the IBU scale.

“Pyramid IPL is somewhat of a blend between a Northwest IPA and a Czech Pilsner,” said Ryan Pappe, head brewer, Pyramid Breweries. “We used a combination of hops common to both brews to create a light bodied beer that has a refreshing flavor and clean finish. With a hint of sweetness, Pyramid IPL has an assertive hop character that will appeal to IPA drinkers, but with a smoother taste experience that harkens back to the classic Czech Pilsners.”

Following the success of Pyramid’s Outburst Imperial IPA, one of the fastest growing IPAs across the Pacific Northwest, according to a press release, Pyramid brewers created Pyramid IPL.

Pyramid IPL will be available on draft, in 22 oz. bottles and in 12 oz. six-pack, 12-pack and 24-pack bottles at select bars, restaurants and retailers across the United States. The launch will be supported by a mix of consumer sampling events across Pyramid’s core markets. To find Pyramid beers, use the global pint seeker.

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