Punch of July

We hand-picked six punches that will fill your celebration with delicious freedom.

What better way to celebrate the 238th anniversary of our country’s Declaration of Independence than with a boozy blow-out? After all, even some of our founding fathers were known to partake in (and even make their own) libations every now and then.

This year, we’re looking forward to a delicious bowl of punch that everyone can share. You can’t get much more democratic than that, right? So we turned to our trusty and inventive network of DrinkWire contributors—the best spirit and cocktail bloggers, experts and bartenders on the web—to share their best patriotic punch recipes with us.

Intrigued? You should be. We hand-picked six punches that will fill your celebration with delicious freedom. Start that shopping now.

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1. Like Your Liquor’s Just Peachy Bourbon Punch

What do you get when you combine peaches, ginger beer, mint and bourbon? A boozy bowl that’s big enough to serve all of your favorite people, that’s what. Like Your Liquor got this shareable recipe just right. And while it may take a little extra prep the night before you serve it to perfectly infuse the bourbon with fresh peach flavor, rest assured: It will be a huge hit.

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2. Dale DeGroff’s Pisco Punch

There’s no better fail-proof way to impress even the most snobbish of cocktail critics than with a recipe from legendary bartender Dale DeGroff. This large-batch pisco punch is no exception. His take on the classic Pisco Punch uses three full bottles of the South American brandy, plenty of sugar and citrus (get ready for a crash-course in Oleo Saccharum!) and fresh pineapple.

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3. Beautiful Booze’s Sparkle and Shine Punch

This DrinkWire contributor goes by the name Beautiful Booze for a reason—but this time, it’s not just about the booze. This drink, which combines moonshine, Champagne and lemonade, will make an impression not only because it’s perfectly balanced, but also because it looks it with red (grenadine), white (coconut milk) and blue (blueberry juice) ice cubes.

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4. Drinking in America’s Classic Planter’s Punch

Whether you’re actually drinking in America this Fourth of July or celebrating abroad, here’s a classic recipe from the aptly named Drinking in America for the rum-based Planter’s Punch. And, like Drinking in America says, this concoction will absolutely quench your “innate, instinctive craving for pitcher drinks.”

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5. Todd Appel’s Natchez Trace Summer Peach Punch

Raise a glass to America’s whiskey on Independence Day with this eye-catching bowl from Chicago bartender Todd Appel. A combination of bourbon, Cognac, orange and peach liqueur and fresh fruit, it’ll work for both a backyard barbecue and a swanky soiree.

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6. Flaviar’s Lavender Punch

Last, but certainly not least, comes this floral pitcher thought up by the mixologists behind Flaviar. It mixes lavender and rosemary (what better way to put your summer herb garden to use?) with Aperol, bourbon, Champagne and honey. A garnish of orange slices round out the flavor handily.

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