Pumpkin Beer Cocktail

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Pumpkin Beer Cocktail

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So why am I calling this a Pumpkin Beer Cocktail? Because that’s just what it is, pumpkin-flavored beer mixed with whiskey. That’s a cocktail in my book.

I know there are tons of varieties of pumpkin beer on the shelves this time of year. A lot of which I really like. But sometimes the pumpkin flavor seems to take over the beer completely, and that I don’t like.

So I created this Pumpkin Beer Cocktail that you can make at home, adjust to your likings, and make with your own regular beer.

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Crown Royal is one of my favorite brands of whisky to enjoy in cocktails or straight up, or in a savory recipe, like whisky raspberry-glazed duck breasts. I recently went on a weekend in Indianapolis that was sponsored by Crown Royal and got to taste all of their whisky varieties a few times, and one that I really enjoyed was the Crown Royal Apple.

As part of the weekend we got to create our own cocktail and have it be judged by the executives at Crown Royal…I’ll give you three guesses as to who won. Yours truly! One of the highlights of my cocktail-making days to say the least.

To keep in the Canadian theme of this cocktail I used Molsen XXX beer for topping. It’s a premium Canadian beer with a hefty 7.3 percent ABV (alcohol by volume) and has an amazing cold and crisp finish that tops off this drink perfectly. But of course you can use whatever beer you like or have on hand. Just keep it to a regular beer, nothing flavored so the pumpkin spice liquor comes through.

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And the best part of making your own Pumpkin Beer Cocktail? Well, you can enjoy it all year round. No waiting around for all the seasonal beers to hit the shelves of your liquor store. Just pop a beer, add some whiskey and pumpkin liquor…and enjoy.


Pumpkin Beer Cocktail Recipe



  • 1/2 ounce pumpkin spice liquor
  • 1/2 ounce crown royal whisky
  • 1 12 ounce bottle of dark beer, or can of your favorite beer, for topping, like molsen xxx


  1. Add the pumpkin liquor and the whisky to the bottom of a pint glass. Top off the glass with beer.
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