Product Review: Japan Woodworker; Artisan Professional Chef’s Knife Set

Product Review: Japan Woodworker; Artisan Professional Chef’s Knife Set

I recently had the privilege to try out a new set of chef’s knives by Japan woodworker. The set consisted of an 8 ½ inch Chef’s (Gyuto) knife, 7 inch Santoku knife, a 6 inch slicing or vegetable knife, and a 4 ½ inch paring knife. The knives got their trial by fire as I initiated them at the Culinary Rx Course for Professionals held several weeks ago in Boulder, Colorado. The first day alone was about 14 hours of prep work and they performed magnificently.

We also had several sets for each group in our culinary lab to use. The response from novices and culinary professionals alike was tremendous. The knives are light, sturdy with both good heft and balance; not to mention beautiful with their Damascus pattern. Throughout the three-day course, the knives were used to slice and dice vegetables, breakdown chickens and trim meat; in essence all the requirements that would be asked of a chef’s knife at the professional level. The group and my consensus is that these knives earned a five out of five stars.


During the course I had a discussion with one of the attendees, who is a culinary instructor at a major cooking school. She related to me that she had recently bought some knives, but after a week they bordered on unusable because they had dulled so quickly. Therefore, I had held off writing this review because I wanted to put the knives through their paces over a several week period and make sure that they could perform under the rigors of constant daily and heavy use. Since we had raffled off several of the sets, I also wanted to follow up and see what the unbiased experience of the others had been.

I recently got feedback from several of the folks, and their assessments mirrored my own. These knives rock! They have kept their edges and remain surgically precise without any additional sharpening. They are rust resistant and triple forged. The hard steel keeps the edge, and the softer steel gives the blade great flexibility for cutting. The tang runs the full length of the handle giving great strength and balance. The handle is resin sealed for longevity.

As a physician, martial artist and professional chef I’ve worked closely with all types of blades throughout my life. These are among the best I’ve come across and a bargain for a set of four lifetime knives at a price you might pay for one overrated chef’s knife. Knives like these offer a tremendous return on investment; particularly since most cuts and injuries occur because of cheap, dull knives. These are all you need to get your kitchen-jam on and start cooking like a Grassroots Gourmet! Find them at: