Princess Charlotte Has a Surprising Favorite Food

Also, the young princess and her brother love cooking, the Duchess of Cambridge reveals
Princess Charlotte
WPA Pool/Getty Images/The Daily Meal

Princess Charlotte is only 3, but she has a fairly sophisticated favorite food, her mother the Duchess of Cambridge revealed this week. And Charlotte and her big brother Prince George are already pretty good cooks, their mom says.

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“Charlotte loves olives,” the Duchess told students at Lavender Primary School in north London on Tuesday, the Daily Mail reported.

Royal congrats to the little princess for her mature tastebuds. Olives are tasty for sure, but the healthy, salty snacks aren’t every 3-year-old’s favorite treat. 

Matthew Kleiner-Mann, the CEO of Ivy Learning Trust, of which Lavender Primary School is a part, told the newspaper that the duchess also discussed Charlotte and George’s own early attempts at cooking.

“They made cheesy pasta the other day,” Kleiner-Mann said. “One stirs the flour, one puts the milk and butter in, and they make salads and stuff. Food is important to (the Duchess of Cambridge) and she understands the links between mental health and physical exercise.”


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