Primeval Whirl

Theme Park
Dinoland U.S.A., Animal Kingdom (Walt Disney World)
Bay Lake, FL 32830


  • Since there are so many people hating on this ride, I'll jump in. I love this ride and so do my kids. It's fast and fun. Probably don't want to have eaten a big meal before. Just do it!
  • "Please stand before exiting. Bye-bye!"
  • Really jerky ride. Beats you up! Skip this one!!
  • Favorite ride in animal kingdom. Haters always find something to hate. It's fun and fast. Yes it's a bit jerky and jarring but that's the theme. Just try it and find out for yourself.
  • Its a cross between Goofys Fly school and Maters Junkyard Jamboree at DCA
  • This ride is GREAT. It's a cute small rollercoaster. I know it's jerky but don't hate!
  • Bad life choice...
  • A fun coaster for the faint if heart - WaltCast Podcast
  • This ride was a poor choice on many levels. A tid bit bumpy and a touch abrupt. Not recommended for small children or someone that has just eaten a turkey leg.
  • Bem legal para quem tem filhos na faixa dos 10 anos
  • Awesome ride if u like roller coasters!!
  • This is a fun way to kill time.
  • Primeval hurl.
  • OUCH!
  • Really weird. Doesn't seem like Disney ride.
  • Fun, definitely jerky but fun. You'll get bruised lol
  • Jerky ride, but a fun little rollercoaster! Don't get the hate for this ride, I LOVE IT!
  • This ride is a great way to loosen up kidney stones. I know from personal experience. Ouch.
  • it seems like a carnival ride because dinoland is a traveling carnival themed area, if you understand the backstory it fits into Disney just fine
  • Just right for a 7-year-old kid.

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