Prasad's IMAX

Cineplex, Movie Theater
NTR Gardens, LIC Division P.O., Tank Bund Rd, Hussain Sagar (Khairatabad)
Hyderabad, Telangana 500063
+91 40 2344 8806


  • Game planet has the best collection of wii games in town!
  • Loved Inception and Transformers at IMAX big screen. Try to get snacks before a movie starts, because no breaks for english movies I think.
  • Do watch movies in Prasads Imax(Big Screen)..Either 3D or 2D..It's just a mountain's fun...
  • Watch Avatar in IMAX format. Definitely worth the price.
  • Best place to watch a 3D film, IMAX.
  • Best for 3D Movies; Standard ambiance & maintenance. McDonald's added value for foodies. The prices for 3D are a bit high compared to other theaters.
  • The IMAX Screen Is The Best ..Sure It's A Multiplex ..But The Bigger Hollywood Movies Are Shown On This Screen Number 6 iThink ..Jus Awesome ;)
  • It has the largest IMAX 3D screen in the world !!!
  • don't go here if you are used to the INOX and PVRs of the world. The popcorn is tasty, but the IQ Level of the crowd is worse than that of a donkey!
  • the best 3D... and the large screen is amazing...
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  • Screen 5 is the worst. Dont even bother watching a movie in this screen!!!
  • The only place for watching Tamil cinemas..never forget to try DDR in the fun games
  • The biggest IMAX screen in the world, a must try Movieplex !
  • Try movies in imax big screen ..ultimate movie experience...
  • The best entertainment place :):)
  • Big cinema hall to watch movies.
  • One should experience imax
  • Best Place 2 experience a 3D movie !!!
  • Good theatre will class mass

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