Portrait of Potato Sells for $1 Million

From www.justluxe.com by Mila Pantovich
Portrait of Potato Sells for $1 Million

Irish photographer Kevin Abosch is known for his portraits of high-profile celebrities like Johnny Depp and Yoko Ono, but you may be surprised to learn that the biggest sale of his career stars a potato. The artist, who usually charges up to $500,000 for his portraitures, revealed recently that his personal photo of an organic potato sold for €1 million ($1.08 million) to a European businessman.

According to CNN, Abosch originally made three prints of Potato #345 in 2010, keeping one for himself, donating one to a Serbian museum and selling the third. When the buyer spotted the photo on the artist’s wall last month, a deal (which may have involved a lot of wine) was struck. If the price is verified, it will make the spud the 15th most expensive photo ever sold. 

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