Porridge Prevents Olympic Construction Accidents in London

The filling meal helps construction workers concentrate, earning the title 'breakfast of champions'

Will porridge be the true "breakfast of champions" at the 2012 London Olympics? Turns out, it already is.

Olympic organizers, according to The Huffington Post, began to give porridge to construction workers in charge of building the Olympic Village. The reason for the breakfast initiative: workers were staying up too late, skipping breakfast, and crashing mid-morning. It became clear that the men tasked to do the job were leading an unhealthy lifestyle, and that 28 percent of them were "obese." Said one builder to the Guardian, "Builders are known for their love of fry-ups and fast food — it comes as part of the job really — but nobody realized quite how unhealthy most of us were."

Soon, the Olympic Delivery Authority began offering porridge at a discounted price (one bowl for £1) to keep workers' blood sugar levels up. Since the morning snack switch-up, the health and safety chief Lawrence Waterman said he has seen a noticeable decrease in construction site accidents. The true test of porridge, however, will be whether the U.K. does exceedingly well in the Olympics after eating a healthy breakfast of porridge.