Pop a Bottle: What Beer to Drink This Week with 'Man of Steel'

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The answer to the perennial question, what beer to drink this week?
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This past week was the release of one of the most anticipated summer blockbusters, Man of Steel, which was poised to leap over the box office in a single bound, and about a million other puns made possible by its complete cultural ubiquity.

But with all the excitement going on, many of us will face a serious challenge: What should we drink before, after — or if we’re among the lucky (read: sneaky) few — during the film?

Sure, some may pair the beer with a bottle of Steel Reserve, content to bask in their own cleverness, or with a Budweiser for no other reason than that of the can’s eerie resemblance to the last son of Krypton’s tights.

While those brews are acceptable options, choosing them means missing a prime opportunity to find a perfect pairing for movie theater popcorn. Buttery, crunchy, and intensely salty popcorn is an irresistible treat that demands a beer to both quench your thirst and keep your palate refreshed.

In this case, try Victory Prima Pils, a brusque, hoppy pilsner that starts with a hint of sweetness, pairs nicely with butter, and ends with a snap of bitterness, placating salt’s insatiable demand for cold liquid.

And, if you’d really like to treat yourself this week by seeking out gourmet popcorn, I’m a big fan of Populence in New York City — a trend that’s sure to come to a theater near you soon.

— Christopher Toia, Lifestyle Mirror


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