Points For A Purpose


We all know the drill—finals week comes around, you have a ton of extra meal points and you head straight to the C-store to stock up on some unneeded cereal, chips and other snacks that will inevitably waste away in your dorm all break…or year. Or, even worse, you forget to use your points and they’re gone forever. Instead of letting your points go to waste, donate them! It is the season of giving, after all.

Between now and December 13th, donate your leftover meal points or munch money and help put food on the table for many less fortunate families this holiday season as part of Campus Kitchens’ new Points For A Purpose initiative. Campus Kitchens is a Northwestern organization that uses existing resources to meet the hunger and nutritional needs of the community by recovering food from dining halls, packaging it and delivering it to local residents who do not have the ability to feed themselves or their families. They have partnered with NUCuisine to make such a giving program possible.

How to do it:

Simply tell the cashier at the nearest NUCuisine retail store how many points you would like to donate.

So easy!

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