Point Judith Light House

1460 Ocean Rd
Narragansett, RI 02882


  • Narragansett Bay at one time hosted more ship traffic than New York Harbor. Today, the U.S. Coast Guard still actively uses this 1857 lighthouse at the bays entrance. (From Aerial America)
  • This light house is so famous that if you're in southern Rhode Island you have to check it out such a history to this place and its gorgeous
  • Was at this light house again on Mon 10/10/11 and they've leveled those boarded up buildings. Maybe there's a future park in the works ? :)
  • Beautiful part of RI
  • You can't get near the lighthouse anymore. Homeland security blocked it off with a fence.
  • A few surfers but other than that not much to see. Lighthouse is on Homeland territory now.
  • Nice place for a picnic, watching the surfers. No place to pee though.
  • The lighthouse is beautiful!! :)
  • A rocky beach at the foot of the lighthouse has been turned into an outdoor sculpture garden by creative visitors.
  • Informational sign describes the historical significance of Point Judith as having the first fog signal, a Daboll's trumpet sounded by a Wilcox hot-air engine.
  • My kids had fun building their own rock tower!
  • Rose Nulman Park is totally closed and borded up. Sad to see that.

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