Poetry of Pizza at Da Michele


Two poems on the wall at Da Michele, one by Gennaro Esposito, the other by S. Galante,


‘A Marinara   To the Marinara  
Cu l’aglio, luoglio ê arecate With garlic, oil and oregano,
Oppure a pummarola Or else with tomato sauce,
Pare na cosa facile It seems a walk in the park,
Fa’ a pizza é na parola. But making pizza is no simple task
N’ce vo na pasta morbida Nothing else but a soft dough,
S’adda sapè n’furná Know-how ‘round the oven,
O gusto é chi pripara Good taste in preparation
Pe nun ve n’tussucá So that you don’t finish poisoned.
A pizza é nata a Napule Pizza originated in Naples
Ma poche in’ dó mestiere But few in this profession
Ve ponne da’ o’ piacere Can give you the pleasure
E farvela mangiá Of having you eat it well.
Surtanto Don Michele Only Don Michele
Che’ fino pasticciere Who is a master baker
Ve fa’ pizza splendida Can make a pizza so splendid
Ca ve fa cunzula’. That you’ll be consoled.
S. Galante S. Galante

L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele, Via Sersale Cesare, 1, 80139 Napoli