Play Tetris on Your Jack-o'-Lantern

If you can pull this together before Halloween, you win

This is way better than Punkin Chunkin; some programmers somehow rigged a pumpkin to display a working Tetris game. It's Pumpktris. Our minds are blown.

Crowdsourcing says this is completely possible if you have a programming background; the folks behind this genius creation basically coded Tetris and connected the codes with an LED matrix.

The details? The maker used 128 LED lights to create a matrix, programmed Tetris,  soldered the LED lights together with 256 pieces of heat-shrink tubing and 313 soldier joints, and placed it all into a pumpkin, using the stem to control the game. In total, the project took 12 hours of work, not to mention the painstaking annoyance of carving out each and every Tetris cube on the pumpkin by hand.

Check out the Pumpktris in action below (the high score of the night was 9,800 points) and head on over to the creator's blog to see how you can do it yourself.