Pizzeria Beddia

115 E Girard Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19125
5:30pm - 10:30pm
5:30pm - 10:30pm
5:30pm - 10:30pm
5:30pm - 10:30pm

Founded in 2013 by Joe Beddia, who had the idea to make “the best pizza I can” with “the very best ingredients sourced from the best farms” in the Fishtown neighborhood northeast of Center City, Pizzeria Beddia has become the Franklin Barbecue of the pizza world, an up-and-coming Philadelphia spot catapulted to the national spotlight by Bon Appétit’s restaurant and drinks editor Andrew Knowlton. Its pizza-obsessed owner is known to have worked in some of the city’s hippest restaurants as a server before setting out on his own.

"I would say it's Neapolitan, but it's not really,” Beddia explained last year of the style of balanced-topping pies he aspires to make in his brick-lined gas deck oven. “I don't want to say New York style, either but I guess that's what it is.” There are just three pies: No. 1 (tomato, whole-milk mozz, Old Gold aged cheese, and extra-virgin olive oil with the suggestion to add cremini, salame, roasted onion, anchovy, pickled chiles, wild arugula, and/or sausage); No. 2 (collard greens, fresh cream, green garlic, Old Gold, with the suggestion to add bacon); and No. 3, called pizza arrabbiata and labeled "angry."  

Angry is what you may quickly become when trying to sample this ballyhooed pie. Pizzeria Beddia is only open Wednesday through Saturday from 5:30 p.m. 10:30 p.m., they don’t have a phone, only take orders in person, have a maximum order of two pizzas per party (not per person), and are cash-only. Keep in mind that there’s also no public restroom. This is important given that Beddia only serves 40 pies a night and that people start lining up as early as 2:30 p.m. “If there are more than 25 to 30 people in line, we are likely sold out,” warns Beddia’s site with “peace and love.” The place could be described as a millennial version of Brooklyn’s Di Fara.

— Arthur Bovino, 101 Best Pizzas in America 2015, 8/6/2015


  • Can't go wrong here but it's best to start off with the classic pie tomato, whole milk mozz, old gold aged cheese and EVOO.
  • Thumbs up guys! Excellent pizza!!! Additional like for sarsaparilla!!!))
  • The #1 was great (with onions), the #2 (summer seasonal, this one was with roasted corn), but the secret #4 is the best. It's not on the menu, so you have to be brave and ask.
  • kiss joe on the face and compliment him on his distinct taste in fashion.
  • Can't describe the experience, crust is incredible thin yet crunchy and savory and juicy, so yum !!!
  • From the author of the book "Pizza Camp"
  • Get here no later than 5:30 to get a pie, which is amazing and absolutely worth the hype. The pies are all made one at a time, separated by 10 minute intervals, by Joe Beddia himself.
  • The best pizza in Philly and probably a top 10 in the country. Opens at 5:30pm but better get in line before that. Order the #1 w/ sausage and #2.
  • JOE!!! Bon Apptit magazine says Pizzeria Beddia has the best pizza in America
  • The rules are strict at Fishtowns Pizzeria Beddia: no slices, no phone and cash only. But all of that just adds to the allure of what may be the best pizza in Philadelphia.
  • Best pizza in Philly
  • No huge menu of options, no slices, and strict hours. Despite all this, the people still line up, because Beddias pizzas are worth the trouble and amazing just the way they are.
  • No huge menu of options, no slices, and strict hours. Despite all this, the people still line up, because Beddias pizzas are worth the trouble and amazing just the way they are.
  • One man, one oven, amazing pizza. Joe Beddia is the face of Philly's high-end pizza renaissance, and everyone in town agrees it's the best. A must-visit for out-of-towners. [Eater 38 Member]
  • Amazing. Love the#2
  • Best pizza on this plain of existence
  • Worth the wait don't get discouraged.
  • Pickled jalapeo pizza

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