Pizza Vending Machines To Hit U.S.

10 inches of thin-crust goodness in less than 3 minutes

The pizza vending machine is coming to the U.S.

After finding great success in Europe, Netherlands-based distributor A1 Concepts is bringing its Let’s Pizza pizza vending machine across the Atlantic, where they expect to find a very hungry American market.

Check out the concept video below as the machine, created by Italian Claudio Torghei, turns out a pie from scratch in two-and-a-half minutes flat.

The video features a choice of four different topping combinations and an infared oven, but above all, the spokeswoman emphasizes the sanitary triumphs of the machine. The pizza is created “without being touched by any hands and in a human-free environment,” which guarantees “total hygiene.”

According to A1 Concepts’ CEO Ronald Rammers, we can expect to find machines in U.S. malls, airports, supermarkets, universities, gas stations and even hospitals. 

The pizza, which has a crust of flour and water (no yeast), is mixed seconds before baking. It may not be deep-dish, but your pockets need not be deep either — with a suggested retail price of $5.95 for a 10.5 inch pizza, Let’s Pizza machines offers an affordable (not to mention, inhumanly quick) option for hungry families and Lunchables nostalgics alike.