Pizza Today on the Road: The Pizza Press, Anaheim, CA

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Pizza Today on the Road: The Pizza Press, Anaheim, CA

 The Pizza Press, Anaheim, CA

In a saturated market, coming up with any new concept can be difficult. When your company chooses a popular industry segment – pizza – in a densely populated area, the task becomes even more challenging. We caught The Pizza Press on the cusp of an impressive growth plan. Founder Dara Maleki and his team have created a concept that is not only unique but also thriving, with $6 million in sales and 40 franchise units sold.

The Pizza Press’ original location opened in an old sandwich shop just across from Anaheim, California’s Disneyland in 2012. “We were trying to get away from the tired feel of the franchise realm,” says Maleki. “Every company these days is a logo, a color scheme and a slogan. We really wanted to change that up by focusing on three things, and that’s the quality of service, the value of the product and the environment. I think that’s where a lot of people fall short. It’s always like they’re copycatting some other large chain and taking a spin off of it.”

On the forefront of the create-your-own pizza movement, they found a clever concept while looking at their dough press, an integral part of the fast-casual pizza movement. “On a play of words, we made it into this newsie throwback theme that really just enchants so many people,” Maleki says. “You know, when you think about it, that was really the way information was really delivered. It was delivered by people – the earliest way of blogging or Twitter. These young kids, outside selling the news by the minute, and we’re selling pizzas by the minute. It really works out.”

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