Pizza Roulette Sounds Like a Terrible Idea

Or, if you end up eating a safe slice, it's an awesome one

Pizza Roulette

New Zealand-based Hell Pizza is living up to its name with a new promotion, Pizza Roulette.

The idea: Order a whole pizza, ask for two drops of ghost chile pepper sauce on one of the slices, watch to see which lucky/unlucky diner grabs that slice, and laugh as he or she writhes in pain. Conversely, accidentally grab the slice yourself and go through hell.

Adventurous spice chasers may love the idea; it's a shame the brand doesn't have any outposts stateside. And while the ghost chile pepper sauce probably isn't as hot as Trinidad's Moruga Scorpion peppers, Pizza Roulette's tagline is pretty spot on. "It doesn't cost. But someone pays." Watch below as the Wellington Firebirds cricket team takes their chances.