Pizza Moto

116 Smith St
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Dave Sclarow hasn’t gotten the recognition he’s deserved since he first welded together a portable pizza oven able to withstand New York’s unforgiving asphalt and went into business in 2008. But if you’ve attended one of the many events where he’s served Pizza Moto's signature slightly smaller-than-average Neapolitan pies, you’ve seen lines of people who have gleaned this truth: He’s serving one of New York City’s most underrated pizzas.

The made-to-order, wood-fired pies have always had a very personal touch — like your best friend happened to be a pizzaiolo and was making a mini pizza just for you. There are now several mobile ovens, which can be found all over Brooklyn and Manhattan between April and November, but in 2014, he and partner Anna Viertel made it much easier for New Yorkers to pin the accolades on what has thus far been a moving target by firing up gas deck ovens in Berg’n Beer Hall to create their version of a “classic New York slice shop.”

And now, plans for the first Pizza Moto restaurant to open on Hamilton Avenue in Red Hook, Brooklyn, seem to be close to fruition. The team reportedly restored a turn-of-the-century oven found in an abandoned South Brooklyn storefront, and have stocked the storefront with wood. It would be shocking if this doesn’t quickly become a destination institution. 

— Arthur Bovino, 101 Best Pizzas in America 2015, 8/6/2015



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