A pizza expert shares his favorite NYC slices

A pizza expert shares his favorite NYC slices

A pizza expert shares his favorite NYC slices: Scott ​Wiener knows his pizza. The New Jersey native, who founded Scott’s Pizza Tours in 2008, shares his expertise on local pies in the new book “Passion for Pizza” ($29.95, Agate Surrey, out Tues…

Just a heads up about this article in the NY Post. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to the journalist who wrote it but have a feeling things got mixed up somewhere along the editorial journey. 

First of all, I am NOT the co-author of the fantastic new book Passion for Pizza. I met the authors several times and helped them with their research but had no part in writing any of it. It’s a great book with great photos, but I can take no credit for any part of it. 

Secondly, this is NOT a list of my favorite NYC slices. Some of these places don’t sell pizza by the slice. I’m pretty particular about my language when it comes to pizza styles so the wording of the headline is misleading. Maybe that’s too picky but you catch my drift. The author asked me to name a bunch of interesting NYC pizza sites. I gave a varied list that included pizzerias in all boroughs, mozzarella shops, home pizza-making school Pizza A Casa, and restaurant supplier / pizza oven factory Bari. I was bummed to see they only kept the pizzerias and turned it into another boring “best-of” list. I know they just wanted to make it snappy and clickable, but I don’t like lists like this. It’s pretty lame to frame something I said in the wrong context. 

Finally, they used terrible photos. I could have easily send pictures of good looking pizzas from Keste, Totonno’s, etc if only they had asked. It really looks like they picked the first picture they found. Major shame. 

That all being said, the pizzerias I mentioned are all great and you should check them out.

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