Pioneer Square

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Foursquare Tips

  • Go to the underground tour.
  • Get a Tat's deli sandwich. One of the best deli's in Seattle with a pastrami sandwich you won't soon forget.
  • Don't sit on the benches like the tourists do during the day cuz they're for homeless junkies, crackheads and bizness time at night. know what I'm sayin?
  • Full of tourists and panhandlers but also utilikilts.
  • Don't give any money to the homeless. They will never 'catch that bus' & it only encourages them to keep harassing the people who work down here for money every freaking day.
  • Water tots are epic.
  • ...
  • Un lugar muy bonito donde todo comenz
  • March to the match
  • They've said it before, I'll say it again: Underground Tour. Do it.
  • All inspire art here
  • great place for lunch
  • Pretty nice!
  • You have to join the underground tour!