Pinot Grigio with Personality: Tommasi Le Rosse

From by Wanda Mann
Pinot Grigio with Personality: Tommasi Le Rosse

Tommasi Le Rosse Twitter
Pinot Grigio has become the default white wine for many drinkers but the category has become saturated with lackluster wines that are completely devoid of personality. Basta! Pinot Grigio doesn't have to be boring and we don't have to settle for wine that basically tastes like water with a dash of alcohol. Every so often I encounter a Pinot Grigio that displays real flavor and finesse and Tommasi Le Rosse ($17) is one that beautifully showcases the expressive nature of this varietal. A medium-bodied white wine, Le Rosse is crisp and clean with lively tropical flavors and it has a vibrant acidity that really perks up the palate. Le Rosse is produced from a single vineyard in the Valpolicella Classico area and the Tommasi family has been producing wine since 1902. If you're ready to say goodbye to boring Pinot Grigio, give Tommasi Le Rosse a swirl! This is a great wine to pair with seafood and light appetizers.

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