The Pilgrim Cocktail

A perfect sip for the fall season

Just as the summer comes to an end and the crisp chill of autumn sets in, we begin to switch over our cocktail preferences in order to align with the season. No more frozen drinks and light flavors, chilly weather cocktails call for ingredients with a little more oomph. The Pilgrim Cocktail is a perfect way to ease into autumn cocktail season.

The main spirits in the Pilgrim Cocktail are dark rum, light rum, pimento liqueur, and bitters. Dark rum is a sensational spirit for cold weather, as it has an incredible spice to it that warms the body with each sip. Pimento liqueur is an herbal liqueur that is typically enjoyed as an after-dinner drink, made by redistilling spirits with ingredients such as flowers, herbs, and chocolate. This sweet treat is also a body-warming liqueur that is perfect for fall cocktails.

The use of bitters in this cocktail adds another hint of spice to make for a very comforting drink. The intense, concentrated flavor in bitters is spicy and complex, complementing the rest of the cocktail incredibly well.

What really makes the Pilgrim a perfect autumn cocktail is that it can be served hot or cold. When there is a bustling chill outside, a hot drink inside is absolute perfection.

Click here for the recipe for the Pilgrim Cocktail. 

— Sara Kay, The