Pigging Out Texas-Style with Tim Love

Chef Tim Love talks about celebrating Southern-style at 2011 Atlanta Food & Wine Festival
Chef Tim Love at a demo at the Barbados Food & Wine and Rum Festival in 2010.
Arthur Bovino

Chef Tim Love at a demo at the Barbados Food & Wine and Rum Festival in 2010.

Any pointers you can give on how to best doing whole animal cooking?

You want to make sure you set aside enough time to do it. I do it regularly and have a routine and it still takes four to five hours for a 35-pound pig.  It takes more time than just the cooking time. It’s at minimum an hour to set up, an hour take down. It’s an all-day process — six to seven hours. It takes preparation as with any kind of cooking, but even more so when standing by a fire outside. You never know how conditions are going to be, the weather, how wet or dry the wood is.


Any places you like to hit up when you’re in Atlanta?

You know there are some restaurants, I’ve looked up. There has been a recent food movement in Atlanta that I’ve noticed. There’s a head-to-tail place I want to check out. A bistro I went to meet the founders of the festival at in Buckhead right around the corner form the W.I had a coq au vin there that was awesome.


Are there any food secrets people may be surprised to learn about the South?

Not any food secrets, but like for example, now you’re seeing grits all over the country but they don’t taste the same. When you’re in the South and actually eat the grits there, that’s what the secret is — there’s something about the tradition being used to make them there that people cooking them have grown up with. You taste grits in the South and they taste like nothing else. I cook all over the country but you get to a little spot and you get some collard greens and grits and it’s a completely different experience. And when you visit, we expect you to come in and enjoy yourself for a while. Hey, not only is it fun but really our hospitality is unmatched.


You recently opened a Love Shack in Dallas. How’s it going?

It’s overwhelmingly busy. I had to hire a refrigerated trailer, I didn’t even have enough room for the food. Really.


Any news you can give us the scoop on ?

I’m opening a new taqueria late this summer with a 1000-person music venue on the Trinity River in Fort Worth.


Do you have a name for it yet?

We’ve batted around some names but we haven’t settled on anything yet. We’re doing global tacos. So like bulgogi with kimchi. Pulled pork with pickled chilies, bahn mi-style. Confit shrimp in Spanish olive oil.