Pier 25 - Hudson River Park

Park, Piers
West Side Highway (at N Moore St)
New York, NY 10013


  • One of the greatest hidden places of Manhattan. Everything from mini golf, skate park and beach volleyball courts
  • Great for long walks along the Hudson River. Quiet moments in the city that never sleeps and a special view of the skyline. Especially beautiful at sunset!
  • THIS PLACE IS AMAZING AND IS LIFE. I hang here with my friends and it's amazing. This place is the best omg like yeah.
  • My favorite place ever! There is mini golf a waterpark beach volleyball a field a skate park a climbing park really cool swings and there is cool water views too
  • Minigolf is dirt cheap and fun. Also the view from the end of the pier is incredible
  • July 16th: Yay, we dont have to go to the Jersey shore to bump, set and spike. Play free beach volleyball from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Pier 25 (and yep, theres real sand).
  • Mini golf and beach volleyball is cool, but walk past those to the end of the pier and get to one of my fave spots in the city. Beautiful view of the water and a perfect seat to take it all in.
  • The splash park is great for the kiddos to run around on a hot day! Love it!
  • Come for beach volleyball or mini golf!
  • Walk to the end of the pier - there's a great view and lounge chairs to sit in.
  • Features: Astro turf field, kids water park, mini golf course, skate park, volleyball courts, lounge area for viewing at the end of the pier
  • Hudson River Park is one of my happy places in nyc
  • Great views. There's mini golf and public restrooms too. Great for a stroll.
  • Great place to play beach volleyball
  • What's not to love here? Splash pad for kids, climbing wall, mini golf and amazing view.
  • Favorite running spot! Kayaking + Volleyball in the summer
  • volleyball
  • Fun mini golf is fun. Good views of the financial district too.
  • Mini golf, kids playground, sports, boats, drinks and always a nice view. Need more?

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