PHP/WordPress Developer

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PHP/WordPress Developer

Company Description:

Contrary to popular belief, millennials care about food now more than ever. Spoon University is a platform that has mobilized, engaged and connected tens of thousands of students in a matter of months. Our website offers high-quality recipes, restaurant reviews and hangover cures — all created by college students on campus chapters across the country. Each chapter is dedicated to building a strong food community through events that unite the entire student body.

We give each member a wealth resources through our personalized online training program, which teaches them everything they need to know to build a website from the ground up, keep the quality of content high, and mobilize their entire campus at a very low cost. These tools allow us to create rich, vibrant communities extraordinarily quickly. We can then use our vast network to connect brands to the elusive college demographic in a way that it is authentic and organic — in a way that builds relationships, not impressions.

Position Overview:

We need someone with a burning desire to build something from the ground up — who wants to imagine new features, build them quickly and iterate often. Preferably they would have had experience in WordPress and in creating and maintaining separate development and production environments. This would be a very hands-on position with the potential for massive influence on the company as a whole. Plus, the team’s very young and fun, so that’s a perk.

Skills: PHP, WordPress, HTML, CSS, Javascript


Flexible dates


New York, NY


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Application Process:

To apply, please send an email to with the subject line “Spoon University Job: PHP Developer”.

Please attach your resume. In the body of the email, include links to your work and any additional necessary information about your candidacy and/or general flattery.

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