Phoenix Keating Brings His Modish Designs to US Soil


There's something exciting about new designers. They bring something fresh to the table, something unseen before, something the longstanding Parisian and Italian houses may not have envisioned. Displaying unconventional modernity in his designs, Austrailan designer Phoenix Keating is launching his first collection in the U.S. this fall for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2014 collection. His debut in Sydney back in 2009 was met with rave reviews by the local press and even won the attention of Lady Gaga. At the age of twenty-one his collections are bold, daring and innovative—all perfect for his explosion onto the US market.
At the tender age of seventeen, while doing a high school senior project that consisted of a two piece outfit, Keating recognized his calling. Turning all of his attention to designing, he began his own line in 2009 and instantly won over press, celebrities and designers alike. The surprising attitude in his clothing is in part what makes for such dramatic pieces. Inspired by powerful women, the strong and willful passion of femininity speaks through his designs with features that reference women's fashion through the ages. He designs as if he's lived through the last century and already experienced the next.
Collections defined by futuristic silhouettes lend a twisted spark to the dark images portrayed in his campaigns. Star Trek-esque jackets paired with Grecian trim kick the collection into something very new and very now. Mixes of metallic and unusual colors support the vibe of a space age collection, while large distressed bags look like they've lived a lifetime. And though he draws from women warriors of centuries past, Keating's designs manifest fashion's future.
Phoenix Keating Collections will be available fall of this year.