Philip Pleasants Shines As Ebenezer Scrooge In ‘A Christmas Carol’

Philip Pleasants Shines As Ebenezer Scrooge In ‘A Christmas Carol’

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DENVER (CBS4) – “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens has been a holiday classic more than 170 years, and it’s currently playing in downtown Denver.

Critic at Large Greg Moody hadn’t seen the Denver’s Center Theatre Company’s production of “Carol” in a couple of years and he came back to see it at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts this year. He said he was pleasantly surprised by the color, humor, effects and the emotion.

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“The sets are spare but evoke Victorian London quite easily,” Moody said. “While the costumes are rich, lush, and full of color.”

Moody also liked the ghostly effects.

“Each of the ghosties gives a distinct character, while in keeping with the story itself,” he said. “While the special effects made more than a few of the children around me jump with fright and laughter during the show.”

A Christmas Carol(credit: CBS)

Philip Pleasants as Ebenezer Scrooge, Moody said, really brings the production together.

“He brings a sense of cold calculation — slowly warmed by the spirits of the past, present and future — to the stage. He adds both humor and humanity to a role that could easily become cliche. … It’s beautifully done.”


A Christmas Carol(credit: CBS)