Phantom Gourmet: Great 8 Bakeries

Phantom Gourmet: Great 8 Bakeries

Phantom loves to have his cake, and some pastries too. These are 8 of the Greatest bakeries Phantom has ever found.

Petsi Pies
Somerville, Cambridge

Kicking off the Great 8 is Petsi Pies. With locations in Somerville and Cambridge, Petsi’s is a quirky and colorful little bake shop that offers muffins, scones, cookies, and cupcakes. But they specialize in all natural, Southern-style pies like sweet potato, classic apple and lemon meringue. And they’re all a slice above anything you’ve ever tasted.

Frederick’s Pastries
Amherst & Bedford NH, North Andover MA

Frederick’s Pastries is mini-bakery chain with storefronts in Amherst and Bedford, New Hampshire as well as North Andover, Mass. The bakers here are almost as passionate about purple as the Phantom Gourmet himself. There’s bright, vibrant purple velvet cake, purple cake truffles, purple cheesecake and even purple wedding cakes.

Cakes by Erin

Another Great 8 winner is Cakes by Erin in Haverhill. This boutique cake shop looks more like an art studio than a bakery, because each eye popping cake is customized to your specification by pastry chef Erin Erler. From concept, to creation, to completion, Erin can spend weeks on these elaborate cakes. When you see them, the most amazing thing about the cakes is that they’re completely edible.

Bricco Paneterria
North End

Bricco Paneterria in Boston’s North End bakes incredible artisan loaves of bread in an industrial space located down a narrow alley way. The bakery was set up to supply their sister restaurants Bricco and Bricco Salumeria, but customers can come on in to purchase crusty fresh-baked beauties to enjoy at home. Styles include everything from French style sourdough to breads baked with prosciutto and parmesan, all handmade and hot from the hearth.

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Danish Pastry House

The Danish Pastry House in Medford is unlike any other bakery around, because they serve all the sweets you’d find on a trip to Denmark. So there are crepes stuffed with strawberry, banana and Nutella, and homemade Pop Tarts that put the supermarket version to shame. But their biggest claim to fame is a confection known as The Kingle, featuring a buttery dough that’s stretched nice and thin, rolled out more than fifty feet, and baked until crispy. It’s layered with some mysterious goodness that will blow you away.

“Some people think it’s apple, some people think it’s cheese, but it’s almond paste.”

PB Boulangerie

Another Great 8 winner is PB Boulangerie in Wellfleet. This authentic French bakery offers trays of pastries, stacks of cookies, and shelves lined with bread, in flavors ranging from sweet Cranberry to savory Bacon and Cheese. Of course when it comes to French pastries, the Croissant is king. Their recipe is the real deal, with lots of butter that gets folded into the dough, which is cut into pieces, and rolled by hand. The results are impossibly-buttery, ultra-flaky goodness.

Sweet Tooth
South Boston

Sweet Tooth in South Boston is the ultimate bakery, serving high quality cakes and world-class pastries from a colorful little bake shop on West Broadway. Along with takeaway treats like caramel turtle brownies, gourmet cake pops, and oversized chocolate chunk cookies, Sweet Tooth specializes in creative custom cakes that take a lot of work, and plenty of imagination.

When Pigs Fly
Various Locations

Rounding out the Great 8 is When Pigs Fly. With retail locations stretching from Freeport, Maine to Coolidge Corner Brookline, When Pigs Fly offers the most incredibly luscious, all-natural breads you’ll ever eat, packed with fresh fruits, nuts, grains, and even chocolate. But the best part is that they’ll slice up free samples of as many loaves as you want to try. So the next time you make a sandwich or some French Toast at home, you’ll be creating a masterpiece.

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